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Get your priorities in order for 2017

Get your priorities in order

Get your priorities in order for 2017

Set your priorities in order for 2017, protect your loved ones and make sure you have life insurance in place. Many people we come across working in this industry don’t have life insurance in place. But life insurance is something you truly do need, and we are going to tell you why.

Paying final expenses

Did you know the average cost of a funeral is in excess of £3,500, had you considered who would pay for this if you were not around? Considering that, had you thought how your family would suffer financially if they had to pay for your funeral? Adding the financial burden of paying for your funeral on top of the emotion of losing you would be hugely stressful and upsetting for your loved ones.

To protect your children

Do you have children that rely on you financially? If so, had you considered what would happen if you were not around to support your children financially? Where do you see them being in ten years’ time? With life insurance, you can be confident that your children’s future will be secured and comfortable. Be happy knowing that there is a set amount of money available for your family to support your children growing up, making sure they get all the experiences the would have had, had you been around.

Get your priorities in orderGet your priorities in orderGet your priorities in order
To replace spouse’s income

Consider your current living situation, mortgage, bills, childcare. How would this be affected if you were to pass? Would your spouse be able to support themselves, and the family without your income? Would mortgage payments be made or would this be a struggle with only one wage coming in? Consider all of this carefully because without life insurance in place, this is the situation you could leave your family in.

So what can you do?

We suggest you search the market with us to find a policy that suits your individual circumstance, we understand that each person’s needs differ and as such, they need a policy that isn’t generic but tailored completely to them and their family’s needs. Our advisers are here to answer any questions and queries you may have when considering life insurance, so you are completely confident in the product we put forward to you.

How we work

We search the whole market for the best quote from leading life insurance providers, based on your individual needs. Meaning we can find you the best quote every time.

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