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Fakeaway Pizza


Have you ever heard of anything as wonderful as a fakeaway pizza? What’s that you ask me, well it’s a pizza interpretation with only half the calories of a regular pizza. Wow! Invented by slimming world to give you a healthier option to indulge on, what’s not to love.


Low fat mozzarella
Any additional condiments

How to make:

Step One: Using a tortilla as your base will not only save you sins but you’ll also save serious time. Great stuff! Take the tortilla base and place it on a baking tray, you can use whole-wheat or white it’s totally up to you.

Step Two: Mix the passata with some finely chopped basil and spread this evenly over your tortilla base, remember you won’t have a raised crust with this like a normal pizza so you might want to spread your sauce right to the edges.

Step Three: Slice your mozzarella into thin slices and scatter around your pizza base to have an even layer of cheese. You can add as much or as little of this cheese as you like. Why not try scattering a thin layer of grated cheddar cheese too so you have a mixture of flavours.

Step Four: If you’re brave enough to make your own pesto you can find the recipe here: If you don’t mind cheating and getting it out of a bottle then all you need to do is take a tea spoon and add a few patches as and where you would like the pesto.

Step Five: Add any additional condiments you would like onto your pizza, try sweetcorn, pepper, cooked grilled chicken… Then simply place your fakaway pizza in the oven between 5-10 minutes until the cheese has melted, and your pizza is nice and warm.

If you have any fakeaway recipes you’d like to share with us leave us a message in the comment box below.